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FREE ILLUMINATING DROP WITH EVERY ORDER! *We will add a FREE Illuminating Drop in your order once it is dispatched. Please note that the free illuminator will not show in your cart at checkout, as we will select the shade. Happy Shopping!

  • Brush head comprised of thousands of velvet soft, animal free synthetic bristles.

  • Dome handle is designed for maximum pressure control as well as comfortability.

  • Its slanted surface allows for precise application and blending, to give you more of a flawless coverage, as well as adding definition.

  • The slanted surface also picks up a lot of product, and distributes it evenly, for a quicker and smoother makeup and powder application, whilst providing you an immaculate finish.


Back in stock AGAIN and AGAIN due to popular demand! The most sought out innovative brush!

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this brush will now be sent with a protective drawstring bag, due to limited supply of the outer packaging.

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