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An organic and vegan skincare line for men and women. 

A brand who offers honest products, AY BY KRAYNA is a series of four face creams based only on plant-derived ingredients with an aim to ''create a series which is 100% vegan, organic and produced locally, in a world familiar to us."

The name of each cream is derived from one of the leading ingredients: Cornflower, Water Pepper, Chestnut i Broadleaf Plantain of which provide solutions for individual needs all of skin types. 

The products come in a slender glass bottle with a sterile dispenser pump to ensure the safety of the wholesome ingredients and convenience of everyday use. The name „AY” refers to the exclamation of joy of which KRAYNA declares is a manifesto of a summer land locked in a bottle.

All products from the KRAYNA range have been certified with the VEGAN ecological mark, awarded by the Vegan Society - and the V mark by Viva! - Vegetarians International Voice For Animals.

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